Why invest in M12 Capital MIC

The M12 Capital MIC Advantage


Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs) were created by the Government of Canada in 1973 to promote private financing and to make it easier to invest in mortgages. MICs are governed by the Income Tax Act, section 130.1

Effortless Investment

Investing in private mortgages as a stand-alone investor can be daunting. Without a strong background in underwriting, legal, accounting and financial skills, it is very hard to achieve the same risk-balanced return as a MIC. Unlike an individual investor, a MIC has the robust underwriting processes and large volume necessary to build a diverse portfolio. That deal flow allows a MIC to quickly reinvest any money so that capital doesn’t remain idle, thereby increasing your return.

M12 Capital MIC takes the stress of day-to-day management while allowing you to enjoy the returns of your investment.


MIC managers work with borrowers, lawyers, notaries and other advisors to administer the mortgage portfolio. Additionally, the assets of the MIC may be leveraged by the MIC manager by prudent lending from banks or credit unions.

Ive been investing with M12 Mortgages Ltd for many years. They have handled my portfolio in an excellent manner. All my mortgages are fully administered by the Experts at M12, so i dont have to worry about anything but enjoying my return.

S.P. Oshawa, ON