Minimum Investment: $50,000.00
Target Yield: 9.5% per annum paid quarterly net of fees.
9.0% historical return since inception.
Redemption Terms: 1-year hold, 2nd year 1% fee, quarterly liquidity thereafter
Manager: M12 Mortgages Ltd.
Legal Counsel: Levy Zavet LLP.
Auditor: Levy Consulting Accounting.

Investors seeking alternatives to traditional equity and fixed-income products have increasingly been putting their money in Mortgage Investment Corporations. M12 Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation offers investors a diverse portfolio of low-risk first and second mortgages through a pool of mortgages in Ontario. We lend on residential , small commercial and farm property located in urban and suburban areas.

Our investments are designed to provide:

Access to residential mortgage markets not typically available to individuals
Less volatility than equities and more security than bonds
Higher yields than traditional investment products, such as bonds and GICs
Stable, reliable quarterly income.
Mitigated interest rate risk, through short-term loans and floating rate loans.

Our real estate investments are comprised exclusively of properties that are highly marketable. As a mortgage investment corporation, we strictly deal with licensed mortgage brokers and licensed agents in Ontario. With over 10,000 mortgage brokers and agents in Ontario, they act as a large external sales force that identifies and refers mortgages to grow our portfolio.

As an investor, you can choose to take advantage of our automatic dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) and gain the benefit of compounding your return. Alternatively, you can receive a quarterly dividend by direct deposit to a specified account.

M12 Capital MIC generates all of its mortgage applications through licensed mortgage agents and brokers. By combining several high-quality mortgages into a diversified pool, we can mitigate the risks associated with investing in a single mortgage. The target yield to our investors is 9.5% net of all fees and expenses.

The Benefits of Investing in M12 Capital MIC

Real Estate Security: M12 Capital holds 1st or 2nd mortgages on the subject property. All mortgages have title insurance held by First Canadian Title.
Superior Returns: Target yield of 9.5%
Professional Management
Diversification: Investors own shares in a diversified portfolio of mortgages.
Regular Income: Investors receive their dividends on a quarterly basis.

M12 Mortgages took over my mortgage portoflio and looked after everything. I just had to sit back and enjoy the return on interest. I was even in a bad deal that M12 Mortgages got me out of with their EXPERT end to end handling.

R.G New Dundee ON